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Take the richness and generosity of Western confectionery, combine it with Japanese attention to detail and precision, and you get a picture of what Morozoff is.

With a rich history dating back to 1931, a Russian émigré/emigrant named Fyodor Morozoff founded the confectionary brand after taking refuge in Japan during the Revolution.

Morozoff began life in a little chocolate shop along the famed Tor Road in Kobe. Barely a year after it opened, the luxury confectionary brand made waves by starting the tradition of gifting chocolates on Valentine’s day in Japan– pioneering the association between chocolates and romance. This move eventually gave rise to the nationwide tradition of Valentine’s Day chocolate gifting that remains popular to this day.

Headquartered in Kobe, Japan, Morozoff Limited currently owns and operates over 1,000 stores and 31 cafes across the nation. Presently, Morozoff has overseas stores in Dubai, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Shanghai. Its Plaza Singapura boutique, the company’s 19th overseas branch, marks the beginning of the brand’s expansion into Southeast Asia.