With particular attention paid to the taste of cacao, this generous collection emphasizes on the simple tastes of plain chocolates.


Adding just a little coffee, caramel and nuts into certain pieces, careful not to overwhelm the uncomplicated nature of these chocolates.


Awaken your senses as you open this box of chocolates, with the fragrance that exudes from this collection.


Created without liqueurs, allow your family the simple goodness of these chocolates.

42 Pcs

W316 x L205 x H32mm

Total Weight:480g


20 Pcs

W206 x L167 x H32mm

Total Weight:240g


65 Pcs

W351 x L278 x H32mm

Total Weight: 710g


32 Pcs

W243 x L205 x H32mm

Total Weight: 360g


15 Pcs

W205 x L132 x H32mm

Total Weight:190g


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